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Background and Mission Statement

NON-BUSINESS ASSOCIATION “TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIONS AND HOUSE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNIQUE-PLOVDIV”, successor of the Plovdiv Branch of the Bulgarian Association of Engineers and Architects (BAEA) � Sofia, set up in 1893, unites the technological intelligentsia in the region, and through various activities it assists the professional development and improvement of its over 2000 members, striving to improve the social and economic environment in which they work. The Association is a logical and natural mediator between science and business.

The Association is a member of Federation of the Unions of Science and Technology in Bulgaria, the World Association of Engineering Organizations, the European Association of National Engineering Organizations, the Union of Bulgarian Foundations and Associations, the Bulgarian Industrial Chamber.


Main activity
  • Organization of various forms of science and technology � congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars and workshops, aimed at the continuous professional improvement of its members.
  • Organizing and hosting scientific events with international participation.
  • Organizing business trips for the purpose of taking part in international specialized forums of science and technology, visiting international fairs and specialized exhibitions.
  • Organizing business meetings of Bulgarian and foreign participants.
  • Preparing reports and surveys, participating, together with experts, in the elaboration of bills and other draft regulations concerning the development of science, technology and business; Organizing presentations and exhibitions at International fairs and specialized exhibitions on the territory of Plovdiv Fair. Cooperating with similar organizations in the country and abroad.

The Association is comprised of 17 specialized regional unions of science and technology, with individual and team members. The team members are higher educational institutes, scientific institutes, state-owned and private companies. �
It is governed by a Managing Board, which includes the chairpersons of the regional specialized unions of science and technology.

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